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How We Got Started

Tim Grimmett received a vision from God, based on 1 Cor 16:2 “one day each week we should set aside money so that we don’t need to make collections when a situation arises.”

He decided to take action and secured funds to provide affordable housing to people in need.

In 2005, hurricane Katrina forced many to relocate and some were searching for shelter in the St. Louis area, which added to the already growing number of homeless in the region. 

We made it our mission to assist those displaced families by assisting them in obtaining a home and the means to once again live without the need of further public assistance.




Join Us and Get Involved


In 2012, Blessings To Others partnered with the Community Hope Project, a like-minded organization who assists families and individuals in training in life management and advancement skills.

The basic skills needed, such as job interviews, money management and personal healthcare. It has become a perfect fit for the Blessings To Others values and is a much needed program for our city.

Blessings To Others strives to help families re-establish a successful way of life and stabilize growing neighborhoods by home ownership and as responsible self-sufficient Americans.


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