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Why We Need Affordable Housing

  • 1 out of 4 working poor households is paying more than 50% of their income on rent.
  • There are only 52 affordable and available units per 100 extremely low income renter households
  • Hard working poor families are forced to make difficult decisions and sacrifices in order to pay for their rent.

Our Mission

Blessings To Others exists to provide quality intermediate and affordable housing to individuals, families, and strategic partners. We bridge the gap between transitional and permanent housing needs for individuals and families experiencing significant life changes.

Our Vision

As a result of being connected with Blessings To Others and our programs, we envision that individuals and the family unit will be strengthened financially, emotionally and spiritually.



Our Purpose

Blessings To Others aims to assist men, women and children in transition, by providing supportive services, education, temporary and/or immediate housing so that they may realize their full potential.

For most families, housing expense (rent) is typically the single largest expense.

1 out of 4 working poor households is paying more than 50% of their income on rent.

With household incomes remaining at the same earning rate, or often times a decreasing rate, most poor working families experience housing costs consistently on the rise. They have no hope or way to address this in their own, to pay the rent.

There is an increasing shortage of affordable housing units available for poor working families, despite all of the governmental assistance programs available.

The registration for services is well ahead of the available rental properties. This means even though they may be eligible to receive housing subsidies, these long wait times are not something most poor working families can wait for, in order to ensure their families have a home.

In the St. Louis metropolitan area, there are only 52 affordable and available units per 100 extremely low income renter households (2009).

Unfortunately, this affordable housing shortage is growing more as rentals at $400 or less are continuing to leave the housing market.

With all this, the real problem is that families must trade necessities such as food, clothing, healthcare and financial savings in order to manage housing and utility payments, causing hardships and stress that influence the families’ overall well-being. Quality and affordable housing has far-reaching consequences for people’s health, quality of life, and access to opportunities.

Blessing to Others (BTO) believes hard working, poor families are forced to make significant sacrifices to afford housing rent. We provide much needed relief and support to these families. We secure shelter for working poor families in the St. Louis metropolitan region by providing a pipeline of updated, quality and affordable single-family residences.

By offering “common sense rent”, one that is cost appropriate for each family and not based on the profit motive, as well as providing on-going life skills education and mentorship.

Blessings to Others enhances the opportunity for real financial stability and strong thriving families.

Blessings to Others has evolved to help families and numerous individuals. Our 10-year goal is to create a network of 10,000 single family homes. Having acquired our 501(c)3 federal tax exempt designation, we are not poised to do more about the housing affordability crisis – but only with your support.

Services We Offer


Property Rehab

Blessings to Others takes old or distressed properties and turns them into livable spaces.

Rehabbing foreclosed homes, some donated from for-profit lending institutions, offers us the opportunity to purchase properties at a low amount, so that we may provide more affordable living properties for those in need in our community.


Rental Property
Home Management

For individuals and families in need, we advance family stability by providing one of the most basic need – adequate and affordable shelter. We are unique in that we provide affordable single family rental residences.  Most other affordable housing organizations provide multi-family apartments.

Rents are determined on the financial situation of each resident. Typically, residents pay 80% or less of the market rate for a house ranging from $0 to $500 per month.

Blessings to Others partners with other non-profit organizations to offer a place for their program participants who may need affordable housing properties in our area.


Client Life Skills
Support Services

To empower families in residence, Blessings to Others offers support services to assist our clients make a positive change into a more balanced lifestyle.

Services include registration for our 12-week Essential Life Skills program. This programs provides clients a good and in depth understanding of necessary life skills that they may not have been aware of currently. 

Also, on-going mentoring and case management is offered based on the specific case conditions and circumstances of the individual and each family.