Share Your Time, Share Your Talents

Blessings To Others seeks volunteers, interns and professionals to help support our mission, to provide affordable housing and essential life skills training to individuals and families in need.


We Need Your Help!

0420-1010-1615-0910_hands_together_as_a_symbol_of_teamwork_mWe are looking for people like you to share their time, and to share their talents. Please take a moment to review the list of services and product needs. We would greatly appreciate your taking a moment to determine if you can help. Together we can make a positive influence.



Board Membership

  Legal :  We are interested in adding a new Board Member to our team who has legal expertise with non-profits.


  Non-Profit Board Experience : Do you have non-profit board experience to share with our team? We’d like to meet you and discuss growth opportunities.


 Accountant : Do you have the business and accounting skills to help our organization? We are seeking someone who is available to join our Board.


Professional Experience

Project Manager : We are seeking someone who is experienced in construction project management and has some available time to work with our team.


Property finder : Do you have the desire or knowledge to find properties that may be available for purchase or donation? We’d enjoy meeting with you to discuss the types of properties we have in mind, and how we can work together.


Property Acquisition : Do you enjoy networking with city alderman and woman and organization leaders? We’re looking for someone to make strategic connections to assist us in locating distressed properties available in our area.


Community Builder : Do you enjoy networking and meeting with other community organizations? We need your help to connecting with others to find mutually beneficial opportunities to help us grow.


Administrative Coordinator : Are you organized and really enjoy keeping teams organized too? We are looking for a volunteer to help us coordinate our facilitator teams for our Essential Life Skills program.



Part-time Administrative Assistant (paid position) : Do you have strong written and verbal communication skills? Do you enjoy working with team leaders and love being the go to implementer? The role requires strong skills in Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint. If this sounds like you, please contact us. We would like to meet with you.


Audio / Visual Technical Support : Do you have the technical skills to help us develop and produce audio and video projects?


Historian : Do you take pride in archiving history and enjoy telling a story? We are looking for someone to be our historian and compile information from various projects and success stories. We’d love to hear from you!


post make a differenceIt takes a very active village to make consistent positive change in our neighborhoods.

Please consider taking time to support Blessings To Others with your time and your talent.

We believe that you will be well rewarded in ways that are not yet known to us, and yet we trust in the promise of God’s mercy.