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Happy To Give Fundraiser Wrap Up

Hello. I wanted to give you a quick update on today’s activity for Blessings To Others.  We had a Happy2Give Happy Gilmore Day.  It was the 9th annual tournament that they performed. That’s HappyToGive.org. They choose a non-profit each year to bless with their donations that come from the golf tournament.

Nancy and I were able to play today in that lovely hot weather. We started this morning around 9am and we petered out after about 12 holes and went to the clubhouse.

David Sain and Vernon Mansfield finished up for us and team BTO but it was a wonderful day.

There were over 90 teams that played and it was a wonderful, wonderful day to play. It was just a little warm.

The donations will go toward a house that we’re renovating this year. It’s at 5839 Ridge Avenue. It’s in the city near Martin Luther King and Goodfellow. It’s a two-story house three bedrooms and one bath. We are about sixty percent finished with it and we are looking for more donations in order to bless the family. We’re hoping to have it all finished by

August 30th and be able to move a new family in.

We also just started our four-week classes that will be teaching life skills to the residents that going in the house. We are still looking to raise donations so if it’s something that touches your heart, please visit us at www.homebto.org. Check out our website and leave us a comment or two.

Thank you see you later.

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