Blessings to Others

We create Affordable housing to empower thriving families

Blessings To Others


Blessings To Others exists to provide quality intermediate and affordable housing to individuals, families, and strategic partners. We bridge the gap between transitional and permanent housing needs for individuals and families experiencing significant life changes. As a result of being connected with Blessings To Others and our programs, we envision that individuals and the family unit will be strengthened financially, emotionally and spiritually.

We are seeking to partner with existing non-profits to provide affordable housing for hard-working families in the St. Louis area.

By 2027 our goal is to purchase and rehab 15 homes in the St. Louis area to serve as affordable, transitional housing for working families. To accomplish this, we are seeking community organizations who already serve these families and are looking to expand their programs. 

Build a strong foundation in a safe environment to help you live an amazing life.

Take advantage of our 8-week Essential Life Skills course where we share tips, tricks, and basic skills necessary to navigate and build a strong foundation for you and your family. From money management to purchasing your first home and starting a business. We’re here to lift you up. 

Looking for a unique bonding opportunity for your team to help make St. Louis a better place?

We offer periodic Work Day opportunities for teams of 12-20 members to help rehab homes to be used as affordable housing for hard-working families looking to build strong foundations and live better lives.

Completed Projects

Fall 2017
4 bed, 1 bath

1860 Curtis
Florissant, MO

Spring 2019
3 bed 1 bath

3622 Long
St Ann, MO

Spring 2013
3 bed 1 bath

7528 Chandler
Country Club Hills