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Affordable Housing Information

About our Affordable Housing Rental Program

Blessings To Others Affordable Housing Rental Program exists to help individuals and families re-establish a successful way of life and stabilize growing neighborhoods by home ownership and as responsible self-sufficient Americans.

How Do You Register For The Program?

In order to participate in our Affordable Housing Rental Program, all applicants must read the qualifications and house rules documents to confirm their eligibility and understanding of our requirements.

After you have read the documents and would like to submit your application, click here to download the application form.


  1. Collect the following documents which are required for application:
    – birth certificate, picture ID, social security card

2.  Each family must have at least 1 working parent.

3.  Each family may have no more than 4 children for this program.

4.  Each resident with past drug abuse history must be clean for at least 1 year, as well as have attended a structured drug treatment program with certificate of completion. If accepted in our program, the resident agrees to submit a “drop” every 2 months for the length of their stay in the program.

5.  Each resident must be willing to participate in case management, including any required meetings, treatment plans, and volunteer work. These are mandatory conditions of participating in the program for home occupancy.

6.  Each resident must be willing to obtain a savings account within 30 days of being in the program. We will assist with this process if necessary.

7.   Residents must be able to get utilities in their own name.

8.  Each resident must earn an NET income of $1,000 a month (after taxes.)

9.  Residents are allowed to receive any form public assistance. Blessings To Others is not responsible for any adjustments any form of public and governmental assistance, as a result of participating in our affordable rental housing program.

To apply, click here, and print the document.

Complete the necessary information and contact us to schedule an appointment for application review.

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