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We create Affordable housing to empower thriving families

Blessings to others

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We are seeking Christian-based community programs to partner with us to empower hard-working families through access to affordable housing.

By 2027, our goal is to purchase and rehabilitate 15 properties in the St. Louis area that will serve as safe, comfortable, affordable housing for hard-working families in transition. We are seeking community partners to help us achieve our vision.

Ideal partners will have existing programs in the community that are Christian-based and serve the needs of primarily single mothers with children who need support to reach the long-term goal of purchasing or renting a home. 

Join us in reaching our goal of providing safe, affordable, homes to 15 families within the next five years.

Our organization will provide the homes and all maintenance and related upkeep. Our partner organizations will be responsible for establishing the rental agreements with ideal families and then remit rental payments to us. 

Ideal partners will be ready to support program participants through monthly home visits and case management. We also are happy to offer our 8-week Essential Life Skills class to all participants. In this course we provide basic information on real-life topics like money management, home repair and upkeep, owning a car, managing medical needs, as well as planning and cooking healthy family meals. 

Ideal families will remain in housing for 24-36 months as they focus on learning new skills, saving money, and arranging for basic needs like childcare and job training. Typically, program participants will go on to purchase or lease homes 

If this is a fit, please connect with us through the contact form. A staff member will respond to discuss next steps. 

Would you like to Partner with us?
Partner with Blessings to Others to empower hard-working families to create amazing lives.

Drop us a line if your program is seeking to expand your affordable and transitional housing program.