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Learn Essential Life Skills

Eight Modules Life Skills Program

Blessings To Others offers a Eight Modules Essential Life Skills Program is to provide community members the foundational skills to live a more effective and balanced lifestyle. With this knowledge, community members have a safe environment to practice and seek further support to establish a way of living that can enrich their life experience. Our intention is to offer this information to help clients be better informed so that they are able to make an informed decision about how life can be lived. Classes are offered throughout the year. Classes are offered by group (A, B, C). Each group will meet once a week for 4 weeks. The completion of each group – A, B, C – gives you access to the entire 12-week program.

The next series of classes are:

Summer 2017 – Home Buying Classes

Learn about what you need to know to buy your own home

Our Next Series of Classes

Dates: 9/16, 9/23, 9/30, 10/7

This program could be for you if :
  – You are ready to eliminate chaos, doubt, fear and insecurity in your life
  – You are tired of doing the same ol’ thing, only to end up in the same not-so-great place
  – You are tired of listening to people who tell you to do things that are not helping you make real progress in your life.
  – You are committed to learning about who you are now, so you can create who you truly wish to be
  – You know inside of you there is something better for your life

This program is NOT for if:
  – You are not willing to be honest and real with yourself and your present state of living
  – You are not interested in learning the importance of

Contact us if you would like to speak with someone about the program. We would like to meet you to learn more about your interests and see what we can do to assist you.

It’s All About You – Orientation Session

The objective of the orientation is to discuss
– How people learn
– Personal responsibility for your life
– The Importance of Goal setting and
– Living an Amazing Life with Christian values.

Your Budget & Money Management Basics

Money is required for us to live. It is a tool for an exchange for goods and services. Money habits and beliefs are usually learned from others, who may not be aware of how they think, feel or believe about money.

During this session, we will explore your thoughts, feelings and beliefs about money. These influence how your life experience about money is right now. Being aware of it can help you form the money thoughts, feelings and beliefs you want for your life going forward.

This includes:
– Identifying your money habits, what your learned and what you want to change
– Examining how those habits are formed by your thoughts, feelings, actions and beliefs around money
– Describing how you want to experience your life with money
– Identifying new habits you are willing to change, including thoughts, feelings, actions, and beliefs to have a new experience.

How to maintain your household

Whether you rent or own a home, it’s important to understand your personal responsible to manage your home. During this session, we will discuss your role in keeping your home clean and well maintained.

This includes:

– Ensuring utilities are kept on and bills are paid
– Where to find affordable furniture and how to make sure it lasts a long time
– Major appliances and basic maintenance information you need to know
– Taking care of the lawn and garden on a regular basis
– General housekeeping and how to maintain a schedule of cleaning with tips on how to make it easier for you and your family
– Basic repairs you may come experience and what to do if something happens

Food Smarts

Everyone needs food to survive and to live a healthy lifestyle. During this session, we will discuss how you can plan, purchase and make your money go further for food.

This includes:
– Planning your budget and food needs for 1-2 weeks ahead for your family
– How to apply for and the proper use of food stamps, if you need to use them.
– How to properly store food in the pantry and your refrigerator
– Smart tips on how to buy and not buy food at the store

Personal Hygiene and Medical Needs

Some of the things you may not learn in school includes how to take care of your personal hygiene and medical needs. During this session, we will discuss the basics that every adult and child needs to know.

This includes:
– Why it’s important to take care of yourself
– The cost if you do not take care of yourself
– Dental hygiene, checkups, regular daily and intense cleaning
– Your personal appearance and why it matters
– Preventative, on-going and emergency healthcare
– How to get access to public assistance for healthcare, if you or your family members need assistance.

Advanced Money Topics

We will expand further on the topic of money matters and see you have progressed since our last money session.

Caring For Your Child

If you have children and a job, you will need childcare to ensure they are safe, and taken care of during your working hours. During this session, we will review basic requirements to ensure you are prepared and have the proper childcare in place for you to be successful at home and in our job.

This includes:
– How to choose a daycare provider
– How to obtain government support for childcare, if your family needs it
– Special baby needs, including formula and baby daycare
– Prepare your child’s meals for the day
– Making plans for when a child gets sick
– Your team to help you care for your child – doctors, mentors, childcare, family, friends, etc.

Caring For Every Relationship & Why It Matters

What do healthy relationships look like? With today’s reality TV craze, it’s no wonder why people have the relationship challenges at work, at home and with the ones that matter most.

We’ll discuss the importance of healthy relationships, setting boundaries and what boundaries look like for different types of relationships.

Come open and be prepared to be honest with yourself about how you want your relationships to look like and may just find out exactly what you need to know to do just that.


Transportation – Buying and Maintenance for Your Car

We all need to get around and having a car is a convenience that is a necessary part of our life.

We’ll discuss things to consider when you are considering buy a new or used vehicle. You’ll want to know how to determining your buying power, how much can you afford, insurance, repairs, sales tax, inspections, maintenance and more.

Additional Financial Matters

Debt free living, taxes, life insurance, homeowners insurance, person property taxes are just some of the topics we will review during this series. These companies and the government must be factored into our budgets to ensure we are planning and managing our money matters appropriately.


How to Purchase a Home

Ever consider buying a home of your own? Are you concerned that you will never be able to save up enough money to get into a home? Are you concerned about your credit and other issues?

Yes, all of these things are important and there are ways that you will want to know about to prepare you to get to this stage of your life.

Job Search and Resume Writing

In order to sustain your family’s basic needs, you need a job, which will provide the money you need for yourself and your family. During this session, we will focus on helping you prepare for greater success.

This includes:
– How to create a resume to submit for a job opening
– How to get a job (or a better job)
– How to keep that job and get to the next level
– How to dress for success
– The importance of reliable transportation
– Make sure you have a valid social security card
– Make sure you have current and valid personal identification (driver’s license, passport, state ID card) with photo

How to Start a Business of Your Own

What are your future goals, hope and dreams?

What do you want to be remembered by?

These are be achieved with business ownership.
While owning a business may not be for every one, we believe you will want to know what it takes so you can be prepared for the next steps, if you choose to move forward in this direction.